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  • Website Aesthetics and mobile friendly functionality surpassed expectations
  • Bounce rate reduced by 20%
  • Conversion rate increased by 1% which yielded 24% increase in monthly profits


I initially approached momentum web consulting with a implementation request that two other web developer struggled to implement. I expected a Read More

Miroslav V.

Cowtton / International

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As a perfectionist and designer, Cotton’s owner wanted his design to be implemented into his Shopify E-commerce platform. His design required custom code to implement properly. He went through two other web developers who could not bring his designs to life properly. After a half hour discussion to understand his needs and explain our process, we had all we needed to start. Shortly after, all of his problems were solved without the need for further meetings, and his web shop was working exactly as he imagined.

Website Build Following Provided Design.

Step 1

Project Discovery

Step 2

Website Buld

Step 3

Extensive User Testing

Step 4

Launch / Release


Step 1

Initial Meeting: Define all the requirements of the project, possible pitfalls, and possible solutions and how we would implement them. Explanation of the feedback process to minimize the time between revisions and to ensure our visions were aligned from the start.

Step 2

Implementation of the Solution: After our visions were aligned and the scope of the project was defined, the implementation began. The client was informed each week on the updates on the development process.

Step 3

Quality assurance and finalization of the project: After the adjustments were implemented on the website and all the requirements were met, the project was finalized over a two week period of quality assurance and testing. During the quality assurance process we tested the website for potential bugs across different devices, screen sizes, and browsers, and tested the front end and back end, as well as payment processing, security certificates, and trust seals.

A client, as a branding artist had a high requirement regarding the implementation of his vision. Momentum faced the challenge and passed with flying colors. Custom components showed an amazing level of stability and scalability as Cowtton grew.

In turn, we liked Miroslav’s artistic work so much that he is involved in Momentum’s branding work.