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7 things you must have for an online shop

These days anyone can start selling online. But, the real challenge is not how to set up an online shop. It’s more about attracting visitors and turning them into paying clients. It doesn’t matter if your online shop is your main livelihood or you are just making some extra money from it; some things apply to all online businesses. Apart from the importance of your Social Media and SEO strategy development let’s take a look at the 7 things you can do to make your online shop stand out from the crowd.

1. Chosse the right e-commerce platform

The first step is, of course, to choose your e-commerce solution. It must be perfectly adapted to your needs, your activity, and your budget. Does the chosen solution offer the right features that you need for your business? Will the platform be able to scale with your business? Is there an additional charge for adding additional features or is it included in the base rate? How does the pricing structure work considering the features you might want in 1-5 years? Some platforms are free but then charge per feature, while others are more expensive but include more features built in. Take the time to try out different solutions to make your choice.

2. Rock your homepage

Your first introduction to your potential customer is your home page. Unless your brand is already well-established, your home page is where you must entice your visitors to investigate your website, clicking on your about page or finding more about your brand through your blog.

Most of all, your home page should convey what you’re about. You should have clear branding and make it easy for your potential customers to figure out what you’re selling. The name of your own company should be put forward on your site and easy to find. Indicate your contact information clearly. Also, the shopping cart must be permanently visible. A customer who is about to buy but who has to look too long after the shopping cart is likely to give up. They will be frustrated, and you will miss a sale.

3. Quality design

Your website design can go a long way to keeping people on your site longer or turning them off. You can incite the interest with good photography and other visuals. You have to keep it simple and clean.

Research shows that 42% of online shoppers base their opinion of a website on overall website aesthetics alone. That means that professional designed online shop adds credibility and is the way to show the authenticity of your brand.

Also, if you do not want to miss an opportunity to generate revenue, your online store design must be optimized for mobile devices, whether via responsive design, adapted or an application.

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4. High-quality photos

In this era of photo dedicated social media, the photos on your e-commerce site must be of good quality. First, your presentation images (slides, Facebook cover photos, communication visuals …) must be beautiful and inspire your visitors. The images of the products must convey their quality, the material, the details of the product in question. One of the limitations of selling online is not being able to touch or detail a product physically. Quality images with significant zoom must remove this barrier.

Today, solutions such as Packshot Creator exist to allow you to enhance your products with high-quality photos.

5. Great copy for your product pages

This will take some effort. Most online shops use manufacturer descriptions for their product pages. Just import that database or XML file, and you’ll have a content filled web shop, and Google will start showing your product pages in their search result pages.  This is the most frequent reason for duplicate content. Your competitors will probably use the same description. In that case, you can either:

Forget about your product pages ranking or write unique product descriptions.

If you have standard products offered all over the internet, you should at least allow for customer reviews, and that could be the way to get unique content,

The second option of writing unique content is much, much harder. Not so much if your web shop only has ten products, but with thousands of products it’s a whole different game. Hiring a copywriter is not a bad idea in this case. It’s impressive in how many different ways a good copywriter can tell the same story repeatedly for similar products of the same brand. And in doing so, prevent duplicate content.

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6. Easy payment process

Clearly mention payment methods available and the shipping cost. Avoid making people to sign up and don’t ask for unnecessary information. Integrating existing checkouts like PayPal and Amazon Pay can reduce customer fatigue by removing the need to enter shipping details. Never forget that any lack of clarity can cause a customer to give up their purchase. On an online store, the visitor can stop the purchase process at any time without explanation.

Indicate your contact information clearly. Enter a phone number to gain the trust of your visitors. You can optionally give the first glimpse of your main contact information at the top of your e-shop. Feel free to add a person’s name with your contact information. For example: “Contact Charles if you need information”.

7. Effective customer service

Beyond your products, the services offered by your e-commerce shop are all criteria of reference for a visitor to decide to buy on your site or not. Of these, the customer service you provide must be responsive and efficient. Your customers and prospects should be able to find your contact information as quickly as possible. Of course, the answers and solutions must be convincing because it’s so easy to switch brands today. Never discharge a problem on the pretext that it is the fault of the postal service or someone else because the customer will always hold you responsible for the problem that happens to them. It is up to you to find a solution, and even taking a small loss for the sake of customer satisfaction can do wonders for customer trust and loyalty. High-Performance customer service is a guarantee of confidence.