Why The QualityAssurance and UserExperience must be the heart of your digital strategy?

A quality website user experience is a crucial factor for running your e-business and boosting your website conversions. We will explain why.

As a small business owner, you juggle a lot of hats. Product development, customer service, accounting, advertisement, and so on. The website user experience is maybe not a top priority in the context of a business. However, it is precisely by offering the user a quality web experience with high added value, that one manages to gain user confidence. In the modern online environment, the website UX (user experience) should be near and dear to your heart, it is no longer an option: it is a necessity.


The user experience sets you apart from the competition

The keystone of any digital experience is the interface which makes it possible to create links between the user and web support. The more natural the connection between the human brain and the machine, the more likely people are to be persuaded to buy. Let’s imagine entering two stores: the first looks like a messy warehouse in which to find the right product is a miracle; the second is attractive, perfectly organized and extremely practical. What shop would you prefer?

The majority of users do not return to a website that made them live an unpleasant experience. The reasons why a user could refuse to return to your website are clear enough: ergonomics concern; inability to find basic information; frequent downtime; navigation too complex; a crowd of pop-ups popping up from nowhere that hide half of the page;; etc.

And where will these disappointed users go if not to your competitor? So give your users the better experience online and they will prefer using your site to your rivals.


The satisfied visitor is a future customer

The purpose is to create a user experience that optimizes the websites conversion potential. In most of the cases, the user is not as demanding as we often think. What he wants is easy access to what he is looking for and being correctly guided towards his goal. He expects that the selected provider can best meet his needs, including anticipating his reactions.

A good user experience can offer it all because it is the junction point between a brand and its prospects/customers. By offering a quality experience, you demonstrate to your visitors that you know them, that you have taken into account their needs, and that you can accompany them to the finish line.

A good user experience audit  should analyse the following:
  • A relevant analysis of the on site behaviour of your users, including how long they view what content, which buttons are they clicking, how many steps it takes for them to reach their desired product or information, etc.
  • An analysis of what devices they access from, to make sure that the user experience does not change between devices
  • An interface adapted to their needs
  • Clearly identifiable information, products, and services;
  • Intuitive and ergonomic interactions. To convert a prospect into a customer, they must fill out a form or contact you, this should be as intuitive and painless as possible).

Once the conversion  is over and the purchase is made, a quality UX contributes to the loyalty of your existing customers: they have no reason to go elsewhere if they are satisfied with their experience on your platform. Customers may endure a bad user experience if you have a very unique product they need, but they may delay buying it, or may look harder for an alternative, and will have less reason to buy more common items/services through your platform.


Web marketing is a matter of trust

With the Internet, even the shortest purchase cycles tend to get longer. The reason: the vastness of choice. From the moment they emit the desire to obtain a product or a service, the visitors are confronted with nearly infinite possibilities. How to attract the attention of your future customers in these conditions? By creating trust. Trust is the fuel of e-business, the Eldorado of any self-respecting web marketer. Capturing and converting leads is only possible by attracting their trust. And it begins with the deployment of a quality user experience.

Yet the reflexes of the consumer are intimately linked. A person who is hungry will push the door of a restaurant: if this establishment presents well, the decoration is nice, the waiters are smiling, and the back room is clean, this person will want to sit down to eat. But if the place does not offer a good experience, it will be a lost guest.

During the first contact, a user expects from a website the same thing a customer expects of a restaurant: it inspires confidence. And that goes through an optimized user experience that will, at the same time, offer quality design, ergonomics, intuitive navigation, structured content and functional interactions. But beware, because the goal of the UX is not simply to rely on the aesthetic quality of the website: the design is there to address specific issues, beyond  building trust. Remember that the hungry customer, once settled and happy with his discovery, must be able to order properly.

You will only have one chance to do things right. Do not forget that when it comes to e-business, it’s often the first impression that counts.


Good user experience improves your SEO

Finally, it is worth remembering that the quality of the user experience does not only benefit users.

A digital interface can only be intuitive if you follow some rules and IT standards. Their application will undoubtedly satisfy your visitors – who will hasten to come back and convert – but also please the search engines. They will be able to locate and index your pages more easily. Above all, the technical quality of their construction will give them a definite advantage when defining their positioning on SERPs. 10 years ago search engine ranking was mostly a game of keywords and backlinks, but it is increasingly becoming user experience dependant. Google and other search engines are relying more and more on metrics of user engagement and the quality of the visit.

Google tends to disregard websites that don’t adapt to the rules  – such as content with poor mobile compatibility or those who are reluctant to acquire a secure https.

So, take care of your user experience, and Google will reward you by improving your SEO. That will help you attract a lot of new visitors from the organic search, and that’s the essence of search experience optimization.


The quality of the user experience on your website is closely linked to ongoing quality assurance processes and your web-marketing performance. Be attentive to what your users want, offer them a successful experience, and naturally boost your website’s conversion/ your e-business!